Big Sur Elopement photographer // Big Sur Engagement photographer // Remi & Gavin's engagement session

Remi traveled a lot growing up but spent two years in Carmel during that time and always dreamed of a wedding at Carmel Mission. Well she now lives in Texas and was planning a big Texas wedding until her mom asked her if this was her dream wedding. Remi knew she needed to change plans and make her wedding the dream she had always imagined. So when Gavin and Remi contacted me about shooting their 2020 wedding in Monterey I was excited to find out they would be spending a week here planning.

We decided on an adventure session down HWY1 and I suggested a waterfall hike . Usually when I do this hike there is bridges or logs crossing the water and it’s a relatively easy hike. Well the winter rains had taken their toll and all the tree’s that had acted as bridges were swept away. But Remi and Gavin didn’t hesitate to pull up their clothes and zig zag across the river three times! My hiking boots are still drying out ( hopefully in time for my adventure session sunday!). Half of the fun of finding the waterfall was the beautiful light filtering through the redwoods as we went. I truly believe I have the best clients and feel so honored to get to share some of my favorite places with such fun adventurous clients that become friends.