Glen Oaks Big Sur Elopement In The Redwoods // Big Sur Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Ed Eloped under the redwoods of Glen Oaks in Big Sur. The sun peaked through the trees during their intimate ceremony as they read their vows. Melissa and Ed were feeling overwhelmed with the planning process of their big celebration back in North Carolina and wanted to have a moment just for them. The day before their ceremony they hiked in Pfeiffer and enjoyed some fun breweries in Monterey. Melissa and Ed work for Mother Earth brewing and love sours so I made sure to pack one of my favorite saison’s for them to enjoy on the coast as newlyweds. We drove I had so much fun being a part of their day and documenting their love.

In Melissa and Ed’s words : “it was easy from the beginning. It's always been easy. You know when you first start dating someone and all of those firsts can be a little awkward? We experienced none of that. I remember early on going out to dinner with him and he wanted to side-sit in the booth with me. Normally that would make this strong-headed feminist cringe, but I was really excited about it. At some point during dinner, he put his arm around me and I remember having a feeling that it was always meant to be this way. It just felt right. We also both often talk about how in our former relationships we loved to get away here and there and have "me" time without the other person. Now, there is never a time we would choose for the other person not to be there. We will spend an entire long weekend together, and be missing each other an hour into our day that we're back to work. It's gross and makes us both want to puke in the best way possible. “

Venue: Glen Oaks

Officiant : Collette Cuccia

Flowers: Burst and Bloom