Big Sur Adventure with Ali and John // Big Sur adventure photographer

Ali and John were visiting Big Sur from San Diego as a couple after being separated by deployments for many months. They have a son at home but really needed a reset to connect with each other. They decided to save the last day of their trip for an adventure down the PNW with me! From some beautiful Big Sur caves and remote beaches with cliff overlooks I truly feel like Big Sur still has some hidden local locations. I had so much fun showing them the spots I bring my own family or go on date nights with my husband. The low lying fog has been rolling in right around sunset this summer, It allows the earlier adventure session images to look so different from the sunset ones. Spending my whole life here I sometimes forget that clients need to be reminded of the climate here on the California coast.

Some tips to remember:

1. You wont leave with perfect hair, in fact I call it Big Sur hair, we have wind! This is one reason dresses with movement are my favorite to shoot.

2. Dont wear heels, i promise you will regret it, in fact most peoples feet even in flat sandels are covered in dirt.

3. Bring a pretty jacket, it can get cold! You can also remind your partner to hold you extra close.

4. Leave your phone in the car, there is NO service.

5. Get out of your car and have fun!