Big Sur California elopement photographer // Sammie and Kacie's engagement session in Big Sur

Kacie and Sammie joined me on a dark and stormy day on the Big Sur coast to capture their engagement session. We hiked through lots of over grown poison oak ( not actually poisonous) and sandles when they should have had some hiking boots; they were troopers and jumped to go on every adventure. Kacie and Sammie are locals and It’s always fun to show people who live here some hidden spots.

Kacie and Sammie met during their first year of college through mutual friends and It took them about six months to actually tell one another that they liked each other! They got engaged during christmas in front of their whole family and reached out to me to capture some moments before the crazy wedding planning begins!

Sammy brought her best dad jokes and Kacie kept Sammy warm with lots of hugs. We explored the coast with an adventure session to two different locations and lots of fog! Growing up in Big Sur I think this has been one of the foggiest summers I can remember and I have no complaints about it.