I know it can be daunting to know what to wear for photos, so I created this guide to help you look your best, capture all the moments and make sure the focus remains on you and not what you are wearing. Full disclaimer: I am not a stylist, I wear yoga pants 90 % of the time. Chances are you have much better style than me but this is what I have found works best through trial and error from past shoots. This is only a guideline to help you, and make you feel and look like yourselves. These are not rules and I want you to wear what makes you feel most like YOU!

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Make sure it makes sense!

Think about the places we will be shooting. Heels are always a bad idea, I want to capture you running and jumping and being playful with your partner or family. Heels and tight clothes really limit the different poses and places we can go. If we are going hiking please wear something with good grip. I recommend no shoes or sandles if we will be shooting at the beach. If its cold outside bring a big comfy sweater or layers, I want you to be comfortable. If its going to be hot wear something that will breath so your not sweating through your clothes.


I use a combination of poses and prompts so I want you to have clothes you can move around in. That new pair of denim is awesome but if you are constantly fussing with them or can’t fully bend and run in them you will be distracted during the shoot with trying to make sure everything is perfect. I also love when people bring clothing or accessories that show movement! Catching the wind or the way you move toward your partner is such a beautiful story and adds energy to your images.

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I typically recommend sticking with neutrals. Think earthy muted tones: mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue. Stay away from anything you would describe as bright. I also recommend staying away from pink, red, purple etc these are not neutrals. These tones can reflect back on your skin and not complement the overall image. I also recommend clothing that pops or complements our environment, if we are in the forest white or burnt orange would be beautiful, if we are at the beach darker colors will pop.


Avoid big loud chunky patterns. The more subtle the better. I recommend avoiding stripes and plaid. Stay away from trying to pair too many patterns together, it can look busy and distract from your faces and emotions. Simple and comfy is always the best bet!

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Hair & makeup

A lot of people ask if they should get their hair and makeup professionally done, my answer is always what makes you feel like you! if you do get this done I recommend you plan on being finished an hour before you’re supposed to leave for your session. This prevents anyone from being late! I don’t recommend spray tans, they often don’t photograph well.

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I am not a prop shooter, that means no signs, no hobby lobby banners etc. But I love old cars, pizza picnics or motorcycles! Lets discuss what you want to include!

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NO tight fitting, no bright colors, no black. Long and flowy alow movement into your images. Tight hinders movement this is especially important with maternity! We all love black because It makes us look slimmer but it also hides that baby bump. Your bump will disappear from the front and limits my poses immensely. Partners should not be in bright colors or colors that match you. Please see board below for ideas. I love white for maternity but your partner should not also wear white, have them wear a dark green or blue!



I love accessories but recommend avoiding watches as they can be distracting during up close shots. NO WATCHES

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Shops I recommend

Vici Collection: Often has really great maxi dresses in neutral solid colors

Joyfolie: Great for girls dresses

Free People: Great dresses for moms or engaged couples!

Reclamation: I am obsessed with these dresses for maternity, engagement for family sessios, they are expensive but I wanted to include it.

www.misalosangeles.com - is where the pink dress below is from, I love love this dress !


For Families :

I know getting everyone to not match but blend well is a hard idea. All of the colors to the left blend with any of the others. So your husband can wear olive and cream, you can wear charcoal and your kids can be in different shades of taupe, camel, etc. You will see similar color pallets as this in most of my Pinterest boards. So if you want to see what these colors look like on families go there! Keep in mind I want you to be able to play with your kids in photos; So please wear something you can move in, long dresses, cozy sweaters, whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Vici Collection: Often has really great maxi dresses for mom in neutral solid colors ( i’m not sponsoring them or asking you to go shopping Its just a common question I get)

Joyfolie: Great for girls dresses

Free People: Great dresses for mom!

Reclamation: I am obsessed with these dresses for maternity or really any session, they are expensive but I wanted to include it.

www.misalosangeles.com - is where the pink dress below is from, I love love this dress !

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If you want more ideas of what to wear please visit my pinterest boards for inspiration.