5 Tips for taking better photos of your kids

I get asked by a lot of friends and coworkers how they can take better photos of their kids. whether your shooting an iphone or DSLR below you will find simple ways to improve your family memories. 

1. Get on eye level, we look down on our kids all day, but photographing kids on their level allows us to capture their personality. Capturing that spagetti splattered face, or dirt covered knees are are so much better up close.

2. Focus on details, those little hands, that crazy hair, those neck rolls; they are all important and sometimes hard to remember when looking at your 6 year old.

3. Bring your camera everywhere, the old saying that 'the best camera is the one you have on you', couldn't be more true. Children are so great at ignoring us and our cameras, let them! capture them skipping rocks, playing horse or eating an apple, you will look back on those and go back in time to that moment. So much more memorable than everyone smiling at the camera.

4. Don't wait for the perfect lighting, outfit or family adventure. Some of my favorite photos are the ones of my kids playing in our house. Jenna of @hobbs_photoandfilm does such a great job capturing authentic moments of her family on their farm. Follow her instagram for all the great black and whites.

5. Get in the frame Mom! I'm guilty of this myself. looking through albums it appears as if I don't exist often hiding behind the camera. In 20 years it wont matter to me or my kids if my hair wasen't done, or I carried extra weight or my outfit is covered in food.

Good luck, go out and shoot ( even with an iphone).