Santa Cruz forest wedding at the Amphitheatre of the redwoods.

Micha and Christy’s ceremony was at The Amphitheatre of the redwoods at Pema Osel Ling retreat in the Watsonville mountains. Surrounded by giant redwoods and overlooking beautiful canyons they said their vows in front of their closest friends. Christy hula hooped and Micha lost the cup challenge and it was a day full of tears and laughter and I felt so honored to be there!


Venue: Amphitheatre of the redwoods

Makeup: locks by laura sterling

Hair: Meggie vee

Coordinator: Miranda Schneiderman

Dress: BHLDN

Flowers: Blue Heron Farms


Micha and Christy met on May 3, 2014 and their story is too good not to share!

Micha was getting ready to play soccer at his usual spot at San Pablo Park in Berkeley. He was hanging out in his car waiting for other players to arrive when he noticed a pizza delivery car pull up to the park. He watched the driver deliver pizza to two girls and a guy who were playing board games and fetch with a dog. Micha would find out later who Christy, Sarah, Jeff, and Bucket were.

Micha overheard the trio complaining that the driver had forgotten to give them napkins. Fortunately for them, Micha had a roll of paper towels in his car and being the guy he is, walked over to them and offered up the paper towels. The group of friends were, of course, surprised but also grateful. They offered him a slice of pizza and a round of Yahtzee but Micha knew that eating before a soccer game wouldn't go over well so he declined. Thanks were given but no more words were exchanged, including names or further introductions.

Throughout the game, Micha noticed the trio laughing and that their game of fetch was getting increasingly closer to his soccer game. Little did he know that while he was playing soccer, he had been given a name – Napkins – and Christy and Sarah had decided that he would be Christy’s new boyfriend. Without knowing what had conspired during his soccer game, Micha drove home, less one roll of paper towels.

The next day, Christy, Sarah, and Jeff found themselves brunching at Flaco’s Tacos in Berkeley. Flaco's shares a parking lot with a company called Trackers, which is coincidentally where Micha works. While waiting for their order, they noticed a bearded man get out of a red XTerra in the shared parking lot. Christy almost died – it was Napkins! Assuming he was coming to dine, she anxiously awaited his arrival to the restaurant but he never came in. Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands and wrote a note, on a napkin, and placed it under the XTerra’s windshield. Christy was utterly embarrassed but also secretly grateful.

When Micha left work that day, he noticed a napkin tucked under his windshield wiper. It said, “Thanks for the napkins, call my friend at…” Micha looked around, then sat on his car wondering, “Do I call now? Do I wait three days... Do I call at all? How did she find me?” After a few minutes he decided to text her, “Hey stalker, what's up?”

During the next three weeks, many texts were shared until Micha finally got brave enough to ask Christy out on a date. Just like the weekend they met, Micha played soccer at the park and met Christy afterwards at the Missouri Lounge in Berkeley. He and his soccer pals were hanging out when she showed up. They chatted for a bit and Micha suggested that they go bowling, not knowing that it is one of Christy’s all time favorite activities.

They eventually made it to Albany Bowl, where they ate pizza and rolled three games. The competition was fierce and while there is some debate about who won the game, they both walked away with the winning prize. The two have been inseparable ever since and the rest is what they call history!